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Portra 800 | 35mm Kodak Color Film |

Portra 800 | 35mm Kodak Color Film |

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Kodak Professional Portra 800 35mm film delivers all the advantages of a high-speed film but with what makes kodak great, finer grain, sharp results, and natural skin tons and color reproduction. 

Easily push to 1600 making it a versatile film for low light situations, studio work, and the ability to capture beautiful tones inside shadows and dark scenes.

Film Size: 35mm
Type: Color Negative Film
ISO/ASA: 800
Exposure Count: 36 
Chemical Process: C-41

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35MM, 110 FILM, AND 120 FILM


Do I really need to store my film in the fridge?

If you are going to use in a few weeks you'll most likely run into no issues keeping your film on your desk. But film does expire, and if you want it to last longer keep your film in a cold dark place (like a fridge!)

Where can I get the photos developed?

We now offer developing! Click me!