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Specialty Rare Expired E100 VS Ektachrome Transparency Film

Specialty Rare Expired E100 VS Ektachrome Transparency Film

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Ektachrome positive 100 VS (Vivid Saturation), discontinued sadly by Kodak, but this film is fresh enough to deliver outstanding results. It was a favorite film for nature photographers, and was one of the most popular films for national geographic photographers. 

The colors and saturation were perfect for nature shots, giving lush and vibrant colors, with rich saturation. 

Delivered fantastic dynamic range while not giving up a nice contrast. The film was designed using Kodaks T Grain emulsion for even fine grain. 

I usually don't highly suggest one film over another, but I think anyone going on a trip or our in nature should try this film. Test rolls coming soon. 

Expired circa 2010

Film Size: 35mm
Type: Color Film
ISO/ASA: 100
Exposure Count: 36 
Chemical Process: E-6 (yes, we develop E-6, and yes it is somewhat common but not ALL labs develop E-6)

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35MM, 110 FILM, AND 120 FILM


Do I really need to store my film in the fridge?

If you are going to use in a few weeks you'll most likely run into no issues keeping your film on your desk. But film does expire, and if you want it to last longer keep your film in a cold dark place (like a fridge!)

Where can I get the photos developed?

We now offer developing! Click me!