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Ilford Simplicity Black & White Developer Kit | Starter Kit

Ilford Simplicity Black & White Developer Kit | Starter Kit

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Ilford Simplicity kit is chemicals proportioned and mixed to make two roll of 35mm or one 120 (but can be stretched to make 4-6)

Great way to jump into developing, with easy instructions found online. 

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35MM, 110 FILM, AND 120 FILM


How do I develop film?

You can learn developing in lots of ways, there are lots of videos on youtube, some fun books, and most kits come with how-to's. You can also call us and we can help!

What do I need for developing?

You will need:

Developer, fixer, and stop chemicals. This is included in any processing kits (ie Cinestills C41 Color simplified, or Ilfords Simplicity kit)

A dark room or a dark bag. Either a completely black room or dark changing bag (we sell these!)

A tank and reel for developing (see paterson Super Systerm 4)

Here's what suggested on top of that:

Thermometer, some clips to dry, some beakers, and maybe some plastic containers to store your film (we suggest cheap Hydrogen Peroxide bottles and dumping them)

Any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!