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Minolta Action Zoom 90 Date | 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera

Minolta Action Zoom 90 Date | 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera

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A vintage Minolta Point and Shoot "Action Zoom 90" this one has the date back on it. The camera functions perfectly and is mint condition. 

Compact camera that takes 35mm film and can fit in a pocket (okay maybe a slightly large pocket). Really great beginner camera. This is the point and shoot I gift to all my friends when they want to learn. Good photos, easy to use, and durable!

Overall condition: Mint 


All cameras have been tested and come with a working guarantee, as well as free support. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. You can find more films on our page.

Grading is a personal opinion. Mint 95-100% | Near Mint 90-94% | Fantastic 80-89% | Great 70-79%

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What does this product come with?

All our cameras come with a battery if necessary, and free camera support if needed! In order to lower prices we no longer offer film with each camera, there are film stocks on our shop page!

What if I have an issue with my camera.

We offer full 60 day warranty on every camera unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions or issues with your camera please reach out and we can help you! In the case of a deffective item, a return or replacement is always guaranteed - quickly.

Where can I get the photos developed?

We no longer have developing. If you are in NY I like photolife and exposure therapy! If you need help finding a place feel free to reach out.